…And The Darkness Spoke…

What do you want?  What do you demand?  Respect?  Fear?  The adoration of women and your pick of the herd?  Wealth?  Know that all this and more can be yours; your voice will be heard and all will bow before you.  Is the world not as you wish; the Torg can remake worlds in his image – you will be a God.  Just listen to me, listen, listen… come closer…


Some say Earth has been invaded, priests argue that it is the end of days and Satan walks among us.  Others that this is the Entropy death of the Universe.  It would certainly help if things made more sense.

Only a few short weeks ago the USA was fencing with emergent China and Egypt was a tourist destination – now look.  Federal government in the US has all but collapsed as large sections of the nation have been cut off by wierd storms surrounding areas where, rumour has it, bloody dinosaurs and mist blight the land.  Loads of loonies calling themselves “Jakatts” have started appearing preaching the religon of “Keta Kalles” and how we should all go back to the soil and our roots.  They make the Moonies look rational.

Worse yet, the price of a tank of gas has gone into orbit – especially with this new dicatator “Morbius” or “Mobius” coming to power in North Africa.  Christ, this nutball makes Gadaffi look rational; and the bastard’s cut the oil supply to the US and Europe.  He’s a goddam, heathen militarist, and somehow the camel-lover keeps winning with what look like World War II antiques and goons in loincloths and cheap, film-extra headdresses.

You can’t even rely on Europe.  After WWII you’d expect more, but Britain seems to have gone off the map.  Some newsie was claiming to have seen frickin dragons over the North Atlantic and the same kinds of storms we’ve got here.  France seems to have accepted the religous argument, they’re all on their knees begging some new Papal legate to save their asses, but that’s only from limited reports.

As to the commies.  Russia’s shouting loudest about invasions and having proof, but they just want to have an excuse for military expansion again.  And the Chinese, heh!  Always knew their economic power was all piss and wind, without the US’s “might” to actually provide the money they’ve collapsed back and have gone all quiet and shy.

Of course, trust the slants, the Japs have gone right back up the economic ladder on the back of our and China’s problems.  They’ve got some good new tech coming out though.  Not that we couldn’t get the same or better from Silicon valley.  At least Nippon’s actually offering help (at a price as always).  Some of their stuff even seems to be good against these Jakatts and their mates, plus that nutbar from Egypt.

Things don’t look good for our unhappy planet.  Somethings or somebodies seem to have invaded – and they don’t seem to be from here.  It’s like all the really bad fantasy and horror films you’ve ever seen rolled into one.  Some of us, though, seem to thrive in all the chaos and even have a feel for the wierdness around us.  Maybe we can help, maybe we can stop whatevers happening.  By God we need to – a few days ago some of the more reliable remaining news sources began reporting astronomical anomalies, and now it seems they’re right.  According to data and clear to see the Earth seems to have stopped rotating.  One half sits in baking heat the other in freezing darkness without end.  In between are murky twilight zones where only a few can eek out a living.  If science or something doesn’t help us soon millions will die and the whole Earth itself soon after…


Setting and System

This is a “classic” Torg campaign set in the Infiniverse, multi-genre setting native to the Torg system.  Other than officially published supplements it will not draw on any of the elements of the original multi-feed Infiniverse timeline as created with the games original issue.

The game uses an elegant single base mechanic of an exploding D20, generating an action total on a logarithmic scale.  The ruleset will be the so called 2nd Edition (expanded and revised V1.5.1) with the addition of the “skill based combat” solution for the “glass jawed ninja” syndrome.

Any house rules developed in play will be logged in the Wiki under House Rules and linked pages.

...And The Darkness Spoke...

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