...And The Darkness Spoke...

Realm Running and busted trucks

So… OK! We’re one wierd bunch of mixed up craziness, but hey a man’s gotta eat and they pay us to “help” these poor folks stuck in lizard land.  Besides which it wasn’t getting any too healthy at home ofr each of us.  Anyway, here we are a Two Gun hero and a “Rocket Ranger” on the run from the evil criminal mastermind now running Egypt, an officially branded heretic escaping to preach against the religious nutjob Jean Malreaux, self proclaimed Pope of the new Cyberpapacy and a British Redcoat of Victoria’s 9th regiment of infantry who claims to have escaped from Hell on earth in Indonesia.  What we have in common is a need to figure out waht the hell is happening and where we are, plus a desire to see sanity returned to our world(s) and what seems to be a new world where we are.

Wherever this place we are is (“Earth” apparently) things are going more wrong than ever.  The sun seems to have stopped moving and things are getting darned hot.  According to the sodlier boys who pay us to do our stuff the supplies we deliver are even more important.  That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t help to get heat prostration running through lizard infested, misty jungle and forest.  Now to cap it off the truck’s hit a rock and blown out it’s front tyre.



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