France is surrounded by banks of vicious storms, particularly intense through the English Channel where whatever has happened to Britain clashes.  Almost all news coming out of France is official channels only, plus some interesting counter statements from “La Nouvelle Revolution”. The weirdest part is that these channels are physical Papal envoys; no radio, no television and the internet seems dead in France – a country with one of the earliest take ups of the idea of the “global information network”. 

Pope Jean Malreaux rules the country as God’s anointed Lord Temporal and Secular on Earth.  A grand title.  France claims that with Satan’s assault on the faithful (the storms), the true Pope has stepped into the breach to save the people of the faith in Holy France. 

The counter-culture arguments of La Nouvelle Revolution, smuggled out as handwritten letters or crude prints, into neighbouring Germany talk of brutal suppression of religious freedom and herecy.  They claim that Church Police ignore international human rights’ law and that the Inquisition is used as a state secret police.  One incredible letter even claimed that witch burnings had been re-instated. 

The rest of the world wonders what will come of all this.  The Vatican knows; it has asked the people of France to stand against the anti-christ and reach for the true faith.  whether the people of France can hear these broadcasts remains to be seen.


...And The Darkness Spoke... dqgm