Mobius” is the self-proclaimed “Pharoah” of the New Empire of The Nile.  He appears to be a delusional egomaniac who has risen to power in a surprise military coup.  Though quite how he accomplished this is unknown – most of his equipment would look good on the battlefields of Tobruk or El Alamein.

His Nile Empire has expanded rapidly and his sphere of influence now covers much of North Africa.  His (very) public radio broadcasts loudly porclaim the resurgence of Egypt as a credible world power, with himself as the legitimate Pharoah.  Mobius lays diplomatic and legal claim to all of the lands of the Ancient Egyptian Pharoahs, using this as his pretext for seizing them militarily.

Mobius has envoys at the United Nations, in Japan and even to the emergency government of the USA.

Religiously he espouses the ancient polytheistic belives of Egypt and has started a massive civil restoration project of all of Egypt’s ancient wonders, such as the pyramids and the sphinx. This seems to have progresed at an incredible rate.

Were it not for his clear, military and expansionist goals, he might even get diplomatic recognition and political influence.  Fortunately his egomania, temper and obvious tyranny prevent this – his African neighbours are formally at war with the New Empire of The Nile.


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