Pope Jean Malreaux

The heart seems to have been cut out of Europe – France seems to have turned in on itself.  The nation has regressed hundreds of years, announcing itself as a Roman Catholic Theocracy.  You’d have thought that would have been Spain or one of the other trad Catholic countries, but no.  Problem, this has all been led by a new, very Charismatic religious leader, and he’s calling himself Pope.

Pope Jean Malreaux is claiming that the Vatican Pope is…

“The servant of Satan, the left hand of the damned and the enemy of Christ on Earth”

He claims that the Avignon Papacy is the true Papal seat and that the schism was driven by the anti-pope in Rome.  It appears he has popular support in France and preaches the Gospels and the love of God with traditional values (whatever that means).  It has been noticed that he has his own Church Police and the Inquisition have been resurrected as on organ of the state.  His open demonstrations of clear miracles and the aid the church offers to “true believers” seems to have led to the popular overthrow of the secular government and the instatement of a full, fundamentalist, theocratic state.

Rome is, of course outraged, and the Pope has issued a Papal Bull, backed by the full college of Cardinals (excluding those French Cardinals who have been summarily excommunicated for supporting Malreaux), denying the Avignon Papacy as the handiwork of Satan and asking all true Catholics to stand against the “blandishments of evil”.  The battle lines have been drawn and one or other will fall.

Pope Jean Malreaux

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