The Living Land

Two large tracts of the USA have been subverted and seem to be reverting to a primeval and wild state.  News from these areas is scant as they are often bounded by ferocious storms where reality may seem to twist.

However, most reports are consistent in that these areas are refered to as “The Living Land” by their occupants.  The Living Land seems to show lowered technology and social norms compared to the rest of the USA.  Further many areas have reverted with frightening speed to vegetation, jungle and forest in which (if you can believe it) Dinosaurs once more walk the Earth as well as other stranger creatures.  A race of lizard men seems to have sprung out of nowhere and they seem to be in charge – if you can call loose tribal affiliations any form of government or organisation.

Two frightening elements coming out of this are rumours of a great leader, one Baruk Kaah, who may be in some way responsible for what is going on and the upsurgence of a fanatically adhered to new religon called Keta Kalles.  The religon seemes to have come from the lizard men and almost all the “people” under the Living Land seem to have adopted this religon and reverted to tribalism.  This could be the biggest piece of cult brainwashing in history.

The two areas of the Living Land are commonly referred to as the Western Land and the Eastern Land.  The Eastern Land occupies much of NW USA from New England into the edge of Southern Canada and the Midwest.  The Western Land runs down much of the West coast and spans the states of Washington, Oregon and California.

The Living Land

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