The Still Earth

With all the craziness going on around the globe right now, you’d think nothing could take over the front pages – unless someone, or something, stopped the Sun.  OK the brains say that in reality the Earth has stopped spinning.  Now that’s a neat trick if you can pull it off.

It’s less happy for everyone else mind you.  The earthquakes and tides that resulted have been quite minor; which puzzles the boffins given how fast they say the Earth decelerated, but now…  The US and all that face of the planet is starting to bake and the other side, lets just say that Siberia is getting really cold.  Soon we’re looking at mega-deaths and planetary decimation.  Unless someone steps in, God maybe, and restarts the old world a turnin’.

Some countries seem to be doing better than others mind you.  The new bigwig proclaiming himself Pharoah of the new Nile Empire has by all accounts raised an artificial sun over his new nation.  He’s offering to share the technology with the “dark side” of the world if they will recognize him and his new empire.

We may only have days to go before things get past the point of no return for a large number of the human race.  God help us and I suggest you all pray to him for a miracle now.

The Still Earth

...And The Darkness Spoke... dqgm